I am Alice. The founder and creative behind I am Alice. I am Alice is a culmination of a life rich in adventure and many pursuits.

We are often required to define ourselves into a lovely little package so we may sum up what we do and who we are in a few lines. I find this almost impossible to do. We are complex beings. Ever changing, ever evolving, ever growing.

I am Alice is a reflection of my eclectic life. I grew up in country Tasmania and dreamed of running away with the circus and to a warm tropical island. I never found the circus, but I did find the tropical island.

I studied Screen Production and traveled the world searching for the meaning of life and my place within it. I had many a job. They always involved people, aesthetically pleasing environments and some form of ridiculousness. Hospitality in one form or another, has always been present. The love affair ran deep. My first job was a kitchen hand at 12. It was not my finest hour. I talked too much. I was also not very fond of being told what to do. That fact has remained.

My strength is that I am a chameleon. And the ability to appear completely unfazed and in control even when I have no idea what I am doing. I managed fine dining restaurants, day spas and 5 star hotels. Later I moved into events. For many years this felt like I had found my calling. It combined my love of aesthetics, theatrics, logistics and hospitality. It was the blend I had been searching for. Until the blend became unbalanced and the yearn for more creative and less logistics became apparent.

I then ventured out into the wide world of creating my own business. What a journey of self-discovery and illumination that has turned out to be! It has taken many guises and paths. Some have remained. Some have fallen away. For this moment, I am back to blending. Blending my love of aesthetics, nature and art. This has led to The I am Alice Studio. From the road, an unassuming shed. However, upon entering, a magical and mystical world of flowers, plants & vintage wares.

The tapestry of my life may appear random to the outside world however, at the heart of everything I do is the desire to create beauty, laughter, heartfelt connection and community.

Perhaps after all the searching, I found my circus after all.

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